Home Remedies for Poor Vision

Do natural remedies really work for correcting poor vision? If you want to know the answer to that question, you might find it at Great Home Remedies is a website dedicated to presenting the best in home remedies to web surfers. Not only does the site contain page after page of natural remedies for just about every condition imaginable, but the web master requests visitors to send in their favorite home remedy, and if good, he will post it.

Great Home Remedies has a whole page dedicated to natural remedies for poor vision. And after going down the list, you will probably be convinced that natural remedies really can improve your eyesight. You will even read testimonies about people who dispensed with their glasses after taking a natural eye cure.

The page is divided into three sections. The first section describes foods that promote good eyesight, the second section talks about eye exercises, and the third section describes natural cures for specific eye conditions. You will be amazed to learn how common and not so common vitamins and minerals, which are found in our foods, can improve your sight. For example, everyone knows that vitamin A improves night vision, and this sight preserving chemical can be found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables; however, did you know that glaucoma can be caused by lack of thiamine and vitamin A.  Once you have the condition, you should combine medical treatments with a diet rich in these vitamins, however.

Cataracts may be brought on by faulty oxidation processes in the eye. They might be prevented or delayed by people who get enough anti-oxidants including vitamin C. Riboflavin, found in milk, yeast, and whole grains might also be useful in improving cataracts.

Lack of B vitamins can lead to redness of the eyes.

The site lists additional foods which are good for the vision. These include spinach, blueberries, low fat milk, carrots, egg,  apricots, beets, wild rose, hawthorn, and parsley.

In the second section, the website presents a number of eye exercises. Some of the exercises seem strange; however, they are backed up by testimonials from people who were able to see perfectly without their glasses after completing them.

The third section provides nature cures for specific conditions. Poor vision can be corrected by a tea consisting of 30 ml of chicory leave juice, 30 ml of parsley juice, and 30 ml of carrot juice. Readers are instructed to drink the concoction once a day on an empty stomach in summer, as long as the natural herbs are available. According to the author, a number of people using this treatment were able to give up their glasses.  Hey, I’m going to try that one. Will you join me?

I don’t know about you, but after reading through the sites list of natural cures, I am convinced that home remedies really can help restore vision.

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